Unique Holiday Retreat

Experience Dutch Charm at The Clog Barn: Stay, Dine, And Discover

Relax in our caravan park, dine on pancakes and Dutch delicacies, and explore our unique attractions, including a minitiature Dutch village and a souvenir shop full of wonders.”


Vacationers often struggle to find destinations that provide both peaceful relaxation and engaging, culturally rich activities, including diverse culinary experiences. Many caravan parks offer standard amenities without the added charm or variety that can turn a simple getaway into an unforgettable adventure.

Imagine setting up camp at a typical caravan site where the environment is plain and the activities limited to the ordinary. Meal times are predictable, with the usual foods that barely satisfies the taste buds or the spirit. The kids are looking for excitement, you’re longing for culinary discovery, and the entire family craves something distinctly different from past holidays.

Welcome to The Clogbarn, where we blend relaxation with a tapestry of rich experiences. Our caravan park is your gateway not just to unwind but to immerse in a world brimming with unique attractions.

Start your day at our café, where the fame of our pancakes only begins to describe our diverse menu. Specializing in Dutch cuisine, we offer a culinary journey with dishes like our renowned pancakes and savoury Dutch dishes, each made from the freshest local ingredients.

Beyond dining, explore our enchanting miniature Dutch village, offering a slice of the Netherlands’ charm right here at home. At The Clogbarn, every aspect of your stay—from the comfort of our spacious caravan spots and cabins to the joy of our culinary delights and cultural attractions ensures a memorable holiday filled with new discoveries and pleasures for everyone.

Amenities & Services

Enhance your stay at The Clogbarn with our comprehensive range of amenities designed for convenience and comfort. From the ease of free WiFi and parking to the leisure of our pool and café, every service is tailored to make your visit seamless and enjoyable.


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Tom envisioned transforming a once rundown Australian caravan park into The Clogbarn, a warm and inviting multifaceted attraction that mirrors his creativity and craftsmanship. His vision was brought to life through a dedication to showcasing his Dutch heritage. The result is a unique destination where visitors can enjoy not only comfortable accommodations but also a captivating experience of cultural charm and artisanal mastery.

Tom Hartsuyker

Founder / Owner

What the Clogbarn is Popular For

Holiday Accomodation

Miniature Village

Coffee House

Gift Shop

Beyond the Ordinary: The Exceptional Features of The Clogbarn

Miniature Dutch Village

The meticulously crafted miniature replicas by Tom of famous Dutch buildings offer an educational and visually stunning experience, appealing to both adults and children. These are highlighted as a labour of love and appreciated by Dutch natives, these replicas provide an authentic glimpse into Dutch architectural beauty and heritage.

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Serene Caravan Park

Provides a serene and secure environment for families and couples to unwind. Our ample spaces ensure privacy and tranquillity, setting us apart from more crowded locations.Unlike many packed caravan sites, our park offers a peaceful retreat where you can truly relax in nature’s embrace and take a swim in the world’s only clog shaped pool.

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Exclusive Gift Shop

Explore our extensive collection of unique Dutch-themed souvenirs and crafts, including hand-carved clogs and intricate miniatures, enhancing your visit with a tangible piece of Dutch culture. Our gift shop offers a diverse range of products that provide a deeper connection to Dutch heritage, differentiating it from typical tourist shops. It’s not just a place to buy souvenirs; it’s an experience that complements the cultural journey of our miniature Dutch village.

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Authentic Dutch Groceries Available

Visitors and locals alike can enjoy a taste of the Netherlands right here in Australia, with a selection of authentic Dutch groceries available for purchase. Offering rare Dutch items like curry sauce, Pickwick tea, frikandellen, and kroketten, The Clogbarn provides a unique shopping experience that allows guests to bring a piece of Dutch culture home.

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Engaging Customer Service

The friendly and engaging staff at The Clogbarn enhance the visitor experience, making guests feel welcome and valued during their visit. Personalized service from staff members who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Dutch culture adds a warm, hospitable touch that enriches the overall visitor experience.

Big Oma's House outdoor dining
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Accommodation Flexibility

With options like cabins where guests can cook their own meals, The Clogbarn caters to families and individuals seeking a more self-sufficient stay.This flexibility in accommodation allows for a tailored experience, making it suitable for longer stays and appealing to those who prefer a home-cooked meal even while on vacation.

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Gourmet Café with Dutch Flavours

Elevates your dining experience by serving a range of Dutch culinary delights, from our famous pancakes to traditional Martinitoren, ensuring a delightful taste of the Netherlands. While other parks may offer standard fare, our café prides itself on authentic and diverse Dutch cuisine, turning meals into memorable dining adventures.

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Online Store Featuring Dutch Products

Shop from the comfort of your home with our exclusive online store, which offers a wide range of authentic Dutch products, from crafts to culinary delights. Whether you’re reminiscing about your visit or exploring our offerings from afar, our online store brings the charm of The Clogbarn and Dutch culture directly to you, making it accessible regardless of your travel plans.

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Live Clog Making Demonstrations

Gives you a rare glimpse into traditional Dutch craftsmanship, adding a unique educational component to your visit that can’t be found in most holiday destinations. Our live demonstrations at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. not only entertain but also educate, providing a deep dive into the cultural heritage of the Netherlands.

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Proximity to Major Shopping Centres and Beaches

Enhances your stay by providing easy access to a movie theatre complex, retail therapy and beachside leisure, ensuring there is always something to do for everyone in the family. Our strategic location combines the tranquillity of a secluded park with the convenience of urban attractions, offering the best of both worlds.

Discover the unique blend of relaxation, culture, and convenience at The Clogbarn. From our serene caravan setups and cabins to fascinating cultural experiences, delicious dining and easy shopping trips, every detail is designed with your utmost comfort and enjoyment in mind. Book your spot today and experience a getaway that transcends the ordinary—where every visit is as enriching as it is relaxing.


Consistently praised by visitors for its charming atmosphere and unique offerings, The Clogbarn is celebrated as a top-rated destination in Coffs Harbour. Our guests’ glowing reviews highlight the memorable experiences and exceptional service that make every stay special.

“Our family stopped here for a bite to eat and it did not disappoint. Great little gift shop and the coffee shop had delicious pancake options which we loved. The little village was amazing and so well taken care of, it was a delight! We look forward to stopping there again next time we are in Coffs Harbour.”

Bebe L
Bebe L

“Stayed here and will definitely stay again. The miniature village is a lovely addition. We didn’t eat here as we were able to cook meals in our cabin which was a huge bonus for us. Shops are within an easy walking distance. Great location.”

Rachael Q
Rachael Q