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Meet the Clog Barn Team: Dutch Culture & Australian Charm

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Experience the Magic of The Clog Barn

About Us

At The Clog Barn, we’re more than just a tourist attraction—we’re a comprehensive destination offering a unique caravan park experience combined with a rich celebration of Dutch heritage. Nestled in the natural beauty of Coffs Harbour, our mission is to provide a distinctive, enriching, and enjoyable visit for every guest, whether you’re staying in our caravan park, grabbing a quick coffee, enjoying a leisurely lunch, or exploring our miniature village.

Why We Do What We Do

We understand the desire for a memorable stay when visiting a caravan park or tourist attraction. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a place where you can immerse yourself in the charm of Dutch culture, enjoy delicious meals, and find unique souvenirs—all within a welcoming and friendly environment that feels like home.

Our Qualifications

With years of experience in hospitality and tourism, our team at The Clog Barn is uniquely qualified to offer an exceptional visitor experience. John, our front office manager and clog-making expert, brings warmth, friendliness, and extensive knowledge about The Clog Barn, ensuring your stay or visit is both informative and enjoyable. Allison Brooks, our dedicated office manager, oversees smooth operations and keeps you updated with the latest happenings through our social media channels.

Client Testimonials

Our visitors consistently praise the enriching and enjoyable experiences at The Clog Barn. Here’s what some of them have to say:

    • “The best hot apple pie with ice cream I’ve ever tasted.”
    • “A great stopover with a delightful gift shop and a lovely stroll through the miniature village.”
    • “John’s clog-making demonstration was fascinating, and his friendly demeanor made our visit unforgettable.”

How We Help You

At The Clog Barn, we offer a variety of attractions and services designed to enhance your visit and stay:

      • Caravan Park: Experience the comfort of our well-maintained caravan park, offering all the amenities needed for a relaxing stay.
      • Miniature Dutch Village: Explore our meticulously crafted replicas of Dutch buildings, providing a fascinating glimpse into Dutch architecture and culture.
      • Big Oma’s Coffee House: Savour a delightful blend of Dutch and Australian cuisine, with options for all dietary needs, including gluten-free.
      • Clog-Making Demonstrations: Watch live demonstrations and learn about this traditional Dutch craft from our experts.
      • Souvenir Shop: Find unique, high-quality Dutch-themed gifts and souvenirs to remember your visit.

Meet Our Team

We believe in the power of personal connections. At The Clog Barn, you’ll find real people dedicated to making your visit and stay special. Our team, including John and Allison, is here to ensure you have a memorable experience, whether you’re learning about Dutch culture or enjoying a meal.

Credentials and Recognition

Our commitment to excellence has earned us numerous positive reviews and a loyal following. While we don’t focus on awards, our true reward is the satisfaction and joy of our visitors.

Join Us at The Clog Barn

Step into a world where Dutch tradition meets Australian charm. We invite you to experience the magic of The Clog Barn, where every visit promises discovery, delight, and unforgettable memories.

Our Friendly Team


Owner / Operator

Tom grew up in Amsterdam and migrated to Australia at 19 years of age. He ran his own building company in Muswellbrook NSW before relocating to Coffs Harbour in the early 80’s. Tom’s love of working with his hands spilled over into his creation of his breathtaking miniature Dutch village. You will find him pottering around the place 7 days a week – and is always up for a chat!


Owner / Operator

Owner John Hartsuyker grew up in Muswellbrook NSW before relocating with his family in the early 80’s to Coffs Harbour. He has seven wonderful children with his wife Sally. When he isn’t making a pair of clogs or chatting to all of our wonderful visitors you will find him working around The Clog Barn – there is always something to be done! In his spare time, you will find him at home working in his garden or on his Hotrod.



Alison Brooks is our office manager. She is one of John’s daughters and Granddaughter of Tom. You will find her around the place during the week. She keeps the place running smoothly and keeps everyone up to date with all the goings on at The Clog Barn via Facebook and Instagram. In her spare time you will find her spending time with her husband Andrew, daughter Lyla and their three fur babies.